#WinterWinederLand - Meet the storytellers

  • June 13, 2018 | Join #WinterWinederLand as we introduce the A to Z of Winter in Stellenbosch.

This year the Stellenbosch Routes put the wine-derlust back into winter and invited 14 savvy storytellers to ditch their hibernation for a multi-sensory A to Z discovery of what SA’s first and foremost wine route has to offer during this magical season.

Why? Because Stellenbosch offers a colourful ABC of unsurpassed and unusual food, wine and lifestyle activities to experience, even when it is grim and grey outside. If you are looking for cool activities to perk up the palate and mood, feel free to use this exciting guide and go out and explore!

Elmarie Berry - Berry Good Food

Elmarie Berry is an avid food and wine blogger and started the blog to capture her recipes and adventures in the Winelands - a tribute to her way of life. It is her savoury salute to finding fantastic wines, choosing food seasonally, keeping it local, keeping it simple and being content.

Elmarie Berry

Bianca Coleman - Eat Play Drink Cape Town

Bianca Coleman, a freelance Cape Town-based journalist is a lover of food, wine and all the exciting adventures along the way. She mixes well with artists, musicians, comedians, magicians, photographers, DJs, winemakers, tattooists, chefs and firefighters to name a few.

Bianca Coleman

Trudie Webb - www.wine.co.za

Meet Trudie Webb. She is a news editor of wine.co.za, a mammoth resource of South African wines and the remarkable people and magical places behind these wines.

Trudie Webb

Gaynor van Rooyen - Tulips And Phoenixes

Tulips and Phoenixes is a South African travel blog and proud promoter of South African Travel & Tourism. Gaynor's goal is to encourage local travel and to make people fall in love with our beautiful country because “local travel is lekker”.

Gaynor van Rooyen

Fiona Rossiter - Inspired Living

Fiona Rossiter, a lover of the finer things in life. If you enjoy good food and wine and reading about travel adventures, then her beautiful blog will make your senses swoon. Join her blog and keep fit, keep healthy and travel in our beautiful country.

Fiona Rossiter

Megan Daniels - Life With Me 

Life with Me covers a range of lifestyle topics from the plate, glass and suitcase of Megan Daniels. “Come along and Eat with me, Drink with me, Travel with me and Style with me.” She is also the Editor in Chief of Eat Magazine.

Megan Daniels

Roxy la Vita - The Witty Wine Woman 

Meet Roxy la Vita. She is a vivacious wino and a foodie. She is witty and she enjoys life one sip (or bottle) at a time. 

Roxy la Vita

Jessica McArthur - Food Travel Wine

Food Travel Wine is a compilation of food and wine experiences from around the world, written by Cape Town based blogger and tour guide, Jessica McArthur. Her motto is: You've got one life, live it! and "There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this".

Jessica McArthur

Jon Meinking - Hashtag Radio

Meet Jon Meinking. He is a commercial and events photographer. He is a SAwineshowcase evangelist and he is on Hashtag Radio every Tuesday from 4-6pm. What a character!

Jon Meinking

Ilse van der Merwe - The Food Fox 

The Food Fox is a food lover, food maker, food writer, food talker. Passionate mom & wife, inspired by positive, creative & independent minds. Eating great food makes her happy and fills her with passion. She is very talented. She abides by  “Waar die hart van vol is, loop die mond van oor!”

Ilse van der Merwe

Sonia Cabano - Eat Drink Cape Town

Meet Sonia Cabano. Her blog was born from a genuine desire to share her happy experiences in and around Cape Town. She loves food and people. Just call her  hungry for life! She is always looking for fun and a good story, so of course, she loves writing about all her happy and delicious adventures.

Sonia Cabano

Elvina Snell Fortuin - Through My Wineglass

Through My Wineglass is a lifestyle blog, proudly exhibiting Elvina’s love for wine tourism. This is life Through HER Wine Glass, so take a sip and savour the experience.

Elvina Snell Fortuin

Alfred Thorpe - Vuurtoring

This is Alfred Thorpe. He has a genuine passion for life and photography. His work is amazing. Why Vuurtoring? In the words of Alfred: ''A vuurtoring represents and defines a big part of who I am. I like to face the storms and take on new challenges. I've got a strong belief system which is like a lighthouse with its foundation planted on the rocks, facing whatever comes its way.''

Alfred Thorpe

Nicolette Booyens - Cause Agency

Nicolette is the founder of the Cause Economic Development Agency. She has done extensive training and consulting work in the area of economic, human and societal development. She is an awesome woman and has an eye for detail.

Nicolette Booyens

A diverse, delicious and plentiful choice awaits those who relish winter affairs in the Stellenbosch Winelands…so don’t be left out in the cold, come and join us! 

Join our #WinterWinederLand as we introduce the A to Z of Winter in Stellenbosch. Follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and see how the #WinterWinederLand story unfold.

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