Highlights of day 5: The last day but not the end - #stellenblog2016

  • April 26, 2016 | Alfred Thorpe

The last day of Stellenblog 2016 started appropriately. What better than a Champagne breakfast at JC le Roux? Between organizing lifts, laughter and trying to squeeze in as much as possible before their flights, our Stellenbloggers had a fun-filled last day in Stellenbosch.

Photos: @KMijlof

A good breakfast is an important start to a day, especially if you are going to do a brandy tasting early in the morning. Van Ryn’s does not only have world-class brandy. They also have a very rich history and the most interesting tour of the cellar, how to make a wine (brandy) barrel and even fairies flying around in the cellar.

Photos: @NIEDblog

The last avondmaal was at Bistro 13. Their local celebrity and resident chef, Nic van Wyk, went all out to treat the bloggers. A variety of starters were served to tickle the taste buds before everyone ordered from their exciting new winter menu. A cosy fireplace protected them against the rain that was trickling down the large glass panes.

Photos: @mzanzigirl

Stellenbosch Vineyards was a great last stop because they’ve got a great variety of wines and everyone was able to do some last-minute shopping and fill their suitcases to the max before their flights. Bistro 13 shares the building with their tasting room, so if you are going to the one, you must go to the other. The perfect two-in-one stop.

Photos: @vuurtoring

Soon after this all the bloggers hopped on a plane to somewhere in the world – all in a variety of different locations or off to other travel destinations. #Stellenblog is not finished though. Follow our bloggers as they share their stories with you in the next few weeks.

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