Highlights of day 1 and 2, including a BIG surprise - #stellenblog 2016

  • April 20, 2016 | Alfred Thorpe

After showing our bloggers around in the city during the weekend we jumped right in to treat them to some Stellenbosch magic. Where else would you start than in the vineyards? Jordan Wine Estate has beautiful views from the restaurant but that was not enough according to their management. They drove the bloggers up to the highest hill on the farm for a private picnic in the vineyards, overlooking Stellenbosch and its mountains.  They set the stage perfectly for what’s to come during #stellenblog week.

Photo: @vuurtoring

After lunch they were ready to tweet up a storm with local influencers, who were all excited to meet our bloggers for a walk in town, a tour of the breathtakingly beautiful botanical gardens and a quick beer before heading out to the #Stellenblog Party.  

Photos: Dawn Jorgensen

The weather has been perfect in Stellenbosch but on Twitter a storm was brewing. As the locals showed our bloggers around to some of the best spots in town the #stellenblog tag moved up the ranks, as people were enjoying their holiday on screen by following the hashtag.

Photos: @NIEDblog

After trying to keep the location a secret for weeks, it was finally revealed where the #Stellenblog party was going to be. The tranquil atmosphere of the secret location was about to change for the night, with a great line-up of live music and mouth-watering foods and wine.

Photo: @traveldudes

Tuesday morning started with a bit of an adventure with Adventure Shop, cycling through the streets of town on a guided historical tour of the town, learning some of the most interesting facts from the local guide. The gents from @stellenfietsry made sure that the group was safe and visible. These men are really passionate about cycling in Stellenbosch, encouraging all of us to get out of our cars and onto bicycles more often. This little adventure got more exciting when the route followed the river upstream, to the spectacular Lanzerac Wine Estate, where the bloggers were treated to their first ever chocolate and wine pairing, after which they were served lunch on the terrace of The Terrace.   

While some of the team were on their bikes, the art lovers were off to Delaire Graff for an art walk. The gardens of this magnificent estate comes to life with the sculptures that are placed strategically with the most dramatic backdrop you can imagine. Artworks are hand-picked for each room and perfectly fitting. After the walk bloggers were treated to more art, in the form of food, where Virgil Kahn and team put up a perfectly plated display of what’s on offer at the Indochene restaurant.

Photo: @mzanzigirl

The big surprise for the day was revealed when the cyclists and artists reunited. NAC Helicopters were waiting them in with tickets in hand for each of the bloggers. A flip over town and into the Jonkershoek valley allowed them to experience Stellenbosch in a way that only a fortunate few ever do.

Photo: @mijlof

A full team of friendly people were waiting the bloggers in at Terroir restaurant for dinner on Tuesday evening. Kleine Zalze’s best wines were opened for all to taste. From Chenin to Shiraz wines were picked to compliment the fine dishes that were served on the night. Another successful day in Stellenbosch ended with the fine drivers of First Car Rental taking all back to their villa safely.

Photo: @StellWineRoute

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