Stellenbosch: A pro-athlete's paradise

  • June 28, 2017

We took a moment to catch up with the incredible pro athlete Theo Blignaut; now also a Stellenbosch local, to chat with him about why he loves training for all his races here in the beautiful and diverse City of Oaks. 

What are some of your favorite MTB routes in Stellenbosch?  

One thing that makes Stellenbosch (Stellies) such a special place for riding: open your eyes and there are just trails everywhere you look.  The diversity of trails in Stellies is what makes it so special.  For me it has to be G-Spot - not just the best trail in town,  but also the best sunset.  The other part that I really love is Jonkershoek - this is where I find myself training almost every day.     

Why do you think pro-athletes love to train here? 

Stellies is the best place to train in the world for mountain bikers and triathletes. Stellies is a small town and a cycle freely town, not too far from the airport and from Cape Town. The environment has so much to offer; some of the best trails and roads in the world for cyclists.  Some really good organic restaurants and nowadays that's a big pre-requisite for athletes.  


Which trails do you recommend for beginners here in Stellenbosch and which trails for that will challenge the professionals? 

This is the nice thing about Stellenbosch - Jonkershoek has all sorts of trails for the most hardcore rider as well as the beginner - so I would say head over to Jonkies as we call it and go hit some dirt. 


Why do you think people should get involved with #cycleStellenbosch? 

This is really important as it's really good for the town and draws people to Stellies and South Africa. I believe that Stellenbosch would be the best place to host a UCI World Cup.  

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