Rewarding designated drivers with #SoberStellies

  • December 12, 2019 | encouraging responsible drinking

#SoberStellies is all about showing support and appreciation for sober drivers who enable their friends to have a good time while being safe.

Some 20 top wine estates have partnered with Stellenbosch Wine Routes this holiday season to reward designated drivers for their commitment to safe wine enjoyment with a free non-alcoholic drink or snack. But that’s not all.

Designated drivers taking part in our #SoberStellies campaign stand a chance to win a variety of stunning spot-prizes. 

Designated drivers, this is how it works:

1. Check and ensure you are at a partnering #SoberStellies wine estate: all participating wineries will display the #SoberStellies badge on their social media platforms. Identify yourself as a DESIGNATED DRIVER at the tasting room.

2. The designated driver will receive a custom #SoberStellies badge and a free non-alcoholic drink or snack. 

3. To qualify for one of the exciting spot-prizes, make sure to take a photo of yourself wearing the #SoberStellies badge and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Don’t forget to tag Stellenbosch Wine Routes (@StellWineRoute) and include the hashtag #SoberStellies.

4. Follow Stellenbosch Wine Routes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for #SoberStellies news, updates and winners.

The Stellenbosch Wine Estates taking part in #SoberStellies and their offerings are:

Spot-prizes for trusty designated drivers taking part in our #SoberStellies campaign are up for grabs and includes bespoke wine tastings, wine blending experiences, cellar tours, picnic vouchers, pizza, and wine pairings, nougat and bubbly pairings, Stellenbosch Wine Routes hampers compromising of the valley’s award-winning offerings and branded merchandise, and of course, wine to enjoy with family or friends when safely home.

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