Highlights of day 4: The salt of the earth - #stellenblog2016

  • April 22, 2016 | Alfred Thorpe

From the one end of the Stellenbosch region on Wednesday to the opposite edge on Thursday. Our bloggers are becoming expert chefs with all the cooking lessons they are getting (except for the real expert, who’s already one). The team went to Joostenberg Bistro for a cooking demonstration, where chefs Christophe Dehosse & Garth Bedford (aka the @springbokchef) showed the bloggers how to make yellowtail carpaccio and ceviche. Some secrets were also shared about the art of making the perfect melting chocolate biscuits.

Photo: @natalieroos

A quick stop at the deli for a mega-cappuccino was a great after-dessert treat for some but others were in the mood for something with a bit more hops in it and had a beer tasting at one of Joostenberg’s latest additions, The Taproom.

Photo: @theblondeabroad

Stellenbosch has a great variety of interesting tasting experiences and Fleur du Cap must be at the top of the list with their pairing. Salts from all over the world are paired with their wines, to explain how the right foods brings out the best in a wine, if matched correctly. Situated in the heart of Stellenbosch, this is a must stop. Being part of the Distell group is a bonus, as a large selection of wines are available at Die Bergkelder, where it is situated.

Photo: @vuurtoring

From salts all over the world to the salt of the earth. The L’Avenir team are an authentic bunch of people. It was wonderful to work with them, being such great hosts, not just at the #Stellenblog Party but also providing accommodation for the bloggers during the week. The last afternoon as full team was spent blending wine in teams against each other. It was a fun way to try and recreate a blend what was created by the winemaker. All the necessary ingredients (wines) were given to the teams, to see who could get the closest to the original Bordeaux blend. Congratulations to The Winning Team.

Photo: @MariettedTH

 The venue was turned into a winter wonderland, with fireplaces going and red wine flowing. Kingklip and Cape Salmon were prepared on the braai while stories were shared about this week’s highlights and plans were made for the next trip to South Africa.

Photo: @trufflejournal

Thank you L’Avenir for hosting us!

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