On Sunday, the 13th of March 2016, we invited a few bloggers and cycling enthusiasts to come #cycleStellenbosch with us. We split the group into two teams; the leisure cyclists and adventure riders, and showed them the variety of cycle routes our town has to offer. After a morning of cycling, we sat down to lunch and a chocolate and wine pairing at the delicious Lanzerac Wine Estate

Here are a few highlights from the morning.


My favourite way to eat �� #cycleStellenbosch

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Cycling through Stellenbosch this morning with fellow rainbow head @thetrufflejournal #cycleStellenbosch #visitstellenbosch

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Great day on the trails. Thank you @conradstoltz for joining #cycleStellenbosch #visitStellenbosch #SeriousFun

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Thanks so much to Stellenbosch Hotel, Lanzerac and Adventure Shop for hosting our guests. 

Book your own #cycleStellenbosch tour

Book your pre-ride breakfast at Stellenbosch Hotel. Contact Adventure Shop for information on routes, guides and bike rental and book your table at Lanzerac for lunch.  

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Stellenbosch Hotel

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Lanzerac Wine Estate

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