Going Solo in Stellenbosch: The Video

We recently invited six female journalists and writers to experience Stellenbosch solo. This is a video montage of a few of their experiences.

August is Solo Female Travel Month

The US Travel Association reports that 11% of adult leisure travellers are now women and a 2014 Bookings.com study found that 54% of British female solo travellers are more likely to vacation alone now than they were five years ago. The solo woman traveller is no trend – it’s a way of travel that is here to stay.

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Going Solo in Stellenbosch

We put together six different itineraries and sent our travellers into the winelands on their own. They had the opportunity to meet wine makers and locals and had to navigate the winelands alone. We followed a few of them around to capture some of the trip on video. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Solo Female Travel

1. Is Stellenbosch a good place for females to travel to on their own?

Stellenbosch is a small town and the locals are friendly and helpful. If you find yourself on your own, you could always ask a local for help, directions or recommendations. The Stellenbosch wine farms have friendly tasting room staff and hosts who are a great source of knowledge, but you might end up chatting to them about much more than wine.

2. Is there enough to do on my own?

Even if you're not an avid wine drinker, Stellenbosch has lots to offer. You could cycle through the goregous wine farms, take a hike into the mountains, eat your way through the winelands, relax at a spa, learn about the history of South Africa's oldest town and more. While the winelands may be peaceful, there's never a dull moment in Stellenbosch. 

3. What is the best time of year to visit on my own?

Summer is always a wonderful time to visit Stellenbosch, however if you're travelling on your own, winter is a good time. Aside from the unbeatable winter rates offered at most hotels and restaurants, the farms and tasting rooms tend to be quieter in winter, so you're more likely to find staff with time to spare for a chat or a walk around the farm.

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