Celebrating women with #SoloStellenbosch

  • August 10, 2017

"Solo travel refreshes, it challenges, it’s an adventure, an opportunity to expand your horizons, to discover stuff about yourself and the world you never knew."

The rise of solo travel is continuing. Women travel statistics indicate that female consumers now drive the world travel economy. Women are earning more, spending more and influencing all levels of the travel industry - their purchasing power in the travel segment has never been higher. Surveys suggest more women travelers are looking for an enriching travel experience. They want to travel to explore a new destination, learn new skills as well as explore and immerse themselves in local life and culture. Unsurprisingly Instagram travel inspiration continues to grow, with almost 80% of respondents surveyed stating they use social media while on vacation, with 25% checking in daily. It is for this reason that Stellenbosch once again focus on solo travel this Women's Month in celebration of the female traveler. We've invited a few local bloggers and journalists to the winelands and challenged them to explore Stellenbosch - solo.

Photo by Natalie Roos

Travelling solo gives you the time you need to slow down and reflect, and Stellenbosch is the ideal place to do this - whether you're after adventure or just looking for a little time to relax, you'll find it all here. From wine tasting to artisanal food, art and jewellery, opportunities to experience community projects and a chance to learn the historic significance of this diverse town. We have a variety of local tours and tour guides who cater exclusively to solo travel and are always eager to cater to your specific needs. Stay connected and be inspired by a community of like - minded travellers via our social media pages.

Follow along from 15 to 16 August using the hashtag #SoloStellenbosch, as five independent women challenge themselves to experiencing all delights of travel in the pleasure of their own company.

Our #soloStellenbosch bloggers and journalists are:

Natalie Roos -  @tailsofamermaid

Trudy van Rooy - @trudyvanrooy

Malani Venter - journalist at Die Burger

Tokelo Motsepe - @throughshadedeyes 

Melanie van Zyl - journalist at Getaway magazine, @Melanie_vanZyl

@NatalieRoos in Stellenbosch 

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